Sending Email

We don’t just send your email, we deliver it. Our software automatically manages the delivery process to give your emails the best chance of landing in the inbox. And if something happens that keep your messages from being delivered, we’ll tell you.

Through our API or control panel, you’ll always know exactly what has happened to every one of your emails.

Your users are unique and their emails should be too. You can easily personalize all your emails for each user. First name, order value, and other common fields are easy.

You can also personalize the entire look of the email by including image urls

Spam Check & Inbox Testing

SMTPready provides you with two extremely useful tools for testing your campaign's deliverability

Test List: Add contacts to your Test List and send them a Test Email before scheduling your campaign to deliver to all of your contacts. In addition to decision-makers, we recommend adding email addresses from various email services (@gmail, @hotmail, etc.) to this list to confirm their receipt.
Inbox Test: While drafting your email campaign, SMTPready allows you to perform a deliverability test to major email service providers with a single click. This will also allow you to quickly find out if there are any deliverability risks with certain services.

Transactional Email Templates

SMTPready allows you to create simple or creatively designed templates for your transactional emails using any of our design editors. This makes it easy to edit your email templates, such as a sign-up or purchase confirmation, without having to ask a web developer to do it for you. Your developer can also use these handy templates if the transactional emails are sent via our API. You can also choose one of your templates as a confirmation email to be sent to any user who signs up using one of your forms.

Import Contact Files

SMTPready makes it easy to import your contacts. Simply save your contact list in comma separated values format (CSV) and follow the import set-up wizard. You can import an unlimited number of data fields with your contacts, such as: email address, name, title, address, number of orders, etc. We recommend that you keep a header row in your file so that the name of each column is clear.

For each column (data field), you can indicate corresponding content type or format, such as: text, number or date. This enables the advanced search and segmentation of your data. For example, you can create a segment that contains contacts whose signup date falls between two specific dates.

Have multiple lists? SMTPready makes it easy to stay organized with contact folders than can contain multiple contact lists.

Have a lot of contacts? SMTPready allows you to import contact lists containing millions of lines and an unlimited number of columns.

Don't have an import file? Don't worry! You can add a contact manually or cut and paste your lists.

Custom Contact Fields

Once you have imported your contact files, you can edit your contacts, or add custom contact fields to database.

SMTPready allows you to add an unlimited number of custom contact fields, such as: address, birthday, number of orders, etc. When you create a new field, you can choose a content type (e.g. text, number or date). The content type is used to correctly format and utilize your information. For example, your contacts can easily be filtered to show only contacts who have placed more than X orders.

You can even create a 'Category' field type that uses predefined values. For example, the 'Gender' field could be defined with a value of 1 for men and a value of 2 for women. (This could allow your contacts to specify their gender in your subscription form via a checkbox.)

SMTPready also enables you to create transaction fields. If you have an e-commerce business, you can setup a sales tracking script and automatically populate your transactional fields with data such as spend amount or order ID. This would allow you to setup calculated fields, which can process formulates based on existing fields. For example, you could calculate: 30-day order totals, average spend, number of orders, etc. These calculated fields are very useful for advanced segmentation and for developing marketing automation workflows.

Custom Unsubscribe Forms

SMTPready allows you to personalize your standard unsubscribe page and customize multiple unsubscribe pages to create a fully branded email experience.

All marketing emails sent via SMTPready include an unsubscribe link. When you contacts click on 'Unsubscribe', they are automatically brought to an unsubscribe page and blacklisted from your contact list.

Use our editor to update the unsubscribe page text, background image, colors and fonts.

Create as many unique unsubscribe pages as needed to best serve your subscribers. Unique unsubscribe pages are often used to manage multiple languages, contact lists, etc.